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I am Jane Marshall and I provide expert advice on applications and interviews, giving students the best chance of success. My company, Optimising Futures, is now in its seventh year.

I have a wealth of experience from eighteen years employed by top universities, first LSE and then Imperial College London, working with hundreds of schools in the UK and in various parts of Europe. I have given Personal Statement advice and practice interviews to thousands of students, including medics as well as Oxbridge and Russell Group applicants, across the full range of subject areas. As an expert on statements, references and interviews, I am also frequently invited to speak at conferences for Heads of Sixth Form and HE Advisers.

For many years, I have been working closely with the team at UCAS on live broadcasts via the UCAS Hub, as well as speaking to HE Advisers at the February conference, providing my knowledge and expertise in my own inimitable style as their 'Personal Statement Expert'!

In combination with the appropriate grades, a well-written Personal Statement can lead to an interview at a top university or even an immediate offer, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Obviously there are no absolute guarantees but I can help to give students the best possible chance of success. I have an excellent track record, with my clients achieving offers from universities all around the UK including Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Exeter, LSE, St Andrew's, Imperial, King's, UCL and further afield, including overseas, such as Bocconi in Milan and all the world-class universities in The Netherlands. Feedback is consistently excellent with many students, teachers and parents directly attributing the increased success of students' applications to the work I do.

In addition, I advise numerous clients on covering letters and CVs, providing every opportunity to secure the all-important interview. My practice interviews are based on constructive criticism to enhance your confidence and technique and help you to perform at your optimal level.
Please contact me if I can help with any aspect of your application - you don't have to do it all on your own!

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