Top Tips For Aspiring Vets

Ten top tips! Work experience is a very important aspect of your application to veterinary medicine, but it’s not the only one! Here’s what

Applying to Oxford or Cambridge this year? Ten top tips!

Oxford or Cambridge application? Ten top tips to help you get started: 1. Don’t panic! ....but you do need to start thinking about your application and your Personal Statement right now 2. Investigate the course content carefully and make sure it’s the right choice for you – pick something you are really excited about, something which makes you say ‘Wow!’ when you read an interesting article, poem, book or news story 3. Start reading extensively outside your school curriculum and make a note of what you’ve read – if you’ve picked the right course, this should be enjoyable! 4. If you want to do STEM subjects visit websites like NRICH for extra maths problems to practice 5. Try to attend univ

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