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Oxbridge and Russell Group applications and interview practice

Applications to Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group Universities


Fulfilling your potential and achieving your goals


With applications to the top universities, there is always that added feeling of pressure - it's not just about getting the right exam results, sometimes you have to sit admissions tests, you always need a huge amount of relevant evidence of your interest in the course and then there's that vital Personal Statement and the all-important interviews.

I can help. I have over twenty four years' experience helping students with successful applications to universities all around the UK, from Oxbridge to Exeter, and Durham to Imperial, the RVC, LSE and beyond! Feedback is consistently excellent with many students, parents and teachers directly attributing the increased success of their applications to the work I do. I am extremely experienced in giving students effective advice on writing an excellent Personal Statement and performing well at interview.


In combination with the appropriate grades, an excellent Personal Statement can lead to an interview at a top university or even an immediate offer. Obviously there are no absolute guarantees but I can help to give you the best possible chance of success and help to boost your confidence at interview time.


Over the last twenty four years, I have given practice interviews to thousands of Oxbridge and Russell Group applicants across the full range of subject areas. Feedback from the students shows that they feel much more confident and relaxed about their actual interviews once they have experienced one of my rigorous practice interviews!

When you sign up for the Oxbridge and Russell Group Applications package, after completing my short Service Agreement, you will receive written guidance on making the best possible application. Then, once you are happy with your draft Personal Statement, you will email me a copy:

  • I will proofread it for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation

  • I will edit the content to enhance sentence structure and streamline paragraphs

  • I will assess the academic content and evidence of your interest in studying your particular course

  • I will make suggestions for how you can enhance what you have written, as required


Included in the price is a second review – once you have made any changes and you believe you almost have your final draft you will email it to me again. I will ensure it is within the UCAS line and character limits and carry out a final proofread, edit and polish so your Personal Statement is ready for you to send off.

Next, we will arrange a convenient time for an hour-long practice interview. This is usually done via Zoom but if you would prefer your interview in person, please contact me to discuss the fee.

I will give you constructive feedback and suggestions for improving your answers throughout the interview and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions which have been worrying you. Afterwards, I will send you written feedback and further guidance on preparing for your actual interviews. Then you'll be ready to tackle the real thing!

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