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Job application and interview advice

Job and Apprenticeship Application - Application Review and Practice Interview


Giving yourself the best chance of success



In order to have the best chance of success when applying for a job or an apprenticeship, obviously you will need the relevant qualifications and skill-set but you will also need to compile a clear, concise CV and write a letter to demonstrate to your prospective employer how fabulous you are! Then, once the employer has seen your ability and potential, you may be invited for an interview for which preparation is key. I have been helping professionals with their applications for over twenty four years and from my experience, one of the main problems people have is selling themselves effectively, both on paper and in person.


Writing about yourself in a positive and persuasive way may sound daunting but it is a skill you can learn and I can help with expert advice and guidance and by giving your covering letter and CV a thorough proofread, edit and polish to ensure it is as excellent as it can possibly be.

When you sign up for this full application and interview package, after you have completed my short Service Agreement, I will email you with written guidance on making the best possible application.


We will arrange a convenient time for a 30 minute introductory online meeting via Zoom. This will give you the chance to discuss the role/s you are applying for and ask any questions you may have.


Then, you will email me a draft copy of your covering letter, your CV and the job/ apprenticeship description:

  • I will proofread both your CV and covering letter for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation

  • I will edit your CV to ensure clarity, to avoid repetition and to give maximum impact

  • I will edit the content of your covering letter to ensure clarity, enhance sentence structure and streamline paragraphs

  • I will assess the content of your covering letter to ensure it matches the requirements laid out in the job/ apprenticeship description as closely as possible

  • I will make suggestions for how you can enhance what you have written, as required


Included in the price is a second review – once you have made any changes and you believe you almost have your final draft you will email it to me again. I will carry out a final proofread, edit and polish so your application is ready for you to send off.


This package also includes advice and guidance on preparing for your interview, as well as a practice interview.


Job interviews can feel very daunting but if you prepare yourself thoroughly by working out key questions and getting into good habits when answering them, you will feel far more relaxed and confident, ready to tackle your actual interview.


We will arrange a convenient time for an hour-long practice interview. This is usually done via Zoom but if you would prefer your interview in person, please contact me to discuss the fee.


During the hour:

  • you will learn how to anticipate which questions are likely to be asked
  • you will practice how to construct informative and relevant answers
  • you will familiarise yourself with effective techniques such as STAR
  • you will learn how to include evidence of your relevant skills and qualities

I will give you constructive feedback and suggestions for improving your answers throughout the interview, giving you the reassurance you need, and you will also have the opportunity to ask any questions which have been worrying you. Afterwards, I will send you written feedback and further guidance on preparing for interviews. Then you'll be ready to tackle the real thing!

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