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Job interview advice

Job and Apprenticeship Application - Practice Interview


Giving yourself the best chance of success



In order to have the best chance of success when applying for a job or an apprenticeship, obviously you will need the relevant qualifications and skill-set but you will also need to impress at interview. The easiest way to boost your confidence and enhance your performance is to have a practice interview.


Job interviews can feel very daunting but if you prepare yourself thoroughly by working out key questions and getting into good habits when answering them, you will feel far more relaxed and confident, ready to tackle your actual interview.


If you sign up for this option, after you have completed my short Service Agreement, we will arrange a convenient time for an hour-long practice interview. This is usually done via Zoom but if you would prefer your interview in person, please contact me to discuss the fee.


During the hour:

  • you will learn how to anticipate which questions are likely to be asked
  • you will practice how to construct informative and relevant answers
  • you will familiarise yourself with effective techniques such as STAR
  • you will learn how to include evidence of your relevant skills and qualities

I will give you constructive feedback and suggestions for improving your answers throughout the interview and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions which have been worrying you. Afterwards, I will send you written feedback and further guidance on preparing for interviews. Then you'll be ready to tackle the real thing!

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