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Top tips for aspiring medics and dentists

Aspiring medics and dentists - top tips!

A sudden epiphany about a healthcare vocation at this stage in Year 12 is NOT beyond the realms of possibility, particularly after an inspirational work experience.

Here’s what you should be doing right now:

  1. Start thinking about your Personal Statement in Year 12 – right now!

  2. Reflect on your work experience and volunteering so far – what have you observed and what has convinced you to spend the rest of your life helping others?

  3. Visit the NHS website, understand the structure and funding and keep up to date with current policy

  4. Read up on current issues, guidelines and good practice in dentistry on the British Dental Association website

  5. Get additional work experience and/ or volunteering – it could be hospital/ GP (medics), private/ NHS dental practice (dentists), elderly care home, hospice, working with disabled adults or children, essentially helping vulnerable people – this can include the homeless eg soup kitchen

  6. Watch online lectures in your subject area - YouTube

  7. Set up an ethics discussion group at school and start debating! Medic Portal has some great free resources

  8. Investigate diseases, treatments, procedures which interest you and make sure you can talk confidently about one article you have read

  9. Think about your leadership and communication skills and what you’ve done to enhance them

  10. Make sure you understand that healthcare can be stressful so you’ll need healthy ways to de-stress and relax

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