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Applying to Oxford or Cambridge this year? Ten top tips!

Oxford or Cambridge application? Ten top tips to help you get started:

1. Don’t panic! ....but you do need to start thinking about your application and your Personal Statement right now

2. Investigate the course content carefully and make sure it’s the right choice for you – pick something you are really excited about, something which makes you say ‘Wow!’ when you read an interesting article, poem, book or news story

3. Start reading extensively outside your school curriculum and make a note of what you’ve read – if you’ve picked the right course, this should be enjoyable! Here are some useful links: Oxford, LSE, King's College Cambridge

4. If you want to do STEM subjects visit websites like NRICH for extra maths problems to practice

5. Watch university lectures online via their websites or on YouTube to get an idea about higher level study

6. Set up a current affairs discussion group at school and start debating! Get used to using lots of relevant examples to support your argument (you’ll thank me at interview time!)

7. Investigate the virtual tours for museums and art galleries or live-streamed plays from theatres and get relevant work experience if it’s an entry requirement - there are online opportunities for medicine via ObserveGP and the BSMS

8. Develop your independent study skills – an EPQ or online project can help; try sites like FutureLearn

9. Investigate the entrance tests and start to practice taking this type of test under timed conditions – there are practice questions available for each test:

10. Yes, it’s very competitive but if you meet the entry requirements and you are so enthusiastic about the course you enjoy doing all the outside reading and discussion, there are places available so why not give it a shot?

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